Wednesday, February 5, 2014

DIY // Natical Name Necklace

I am excited to share this REALLY easy diy project. (that I photographed last spring.) I originally got the idea for this necklace after I created this Antro inspired diy necklace almost 2 years ago. I love the aesthetic of wooden jewlery because it is often incorporated in unconventional ways. A little background for those of you who may have grown up outside of a maritime community and aren't aware that there is a special maritime alphabet. The alphabet is made of flags and is used to facilitate communication between vessiles or to request help. Your can read more about the alphabet here. I used this alphabet to spell my name out! This is a really preppy and stylish way to incorporate personized jewlery into my wardrobe. This project could be elaborated on in many way by adding or removing flags. I think it would be exciting to spell out acronyms like PTL or even initials of someone special. The neat part of this project is that these wooden flags are made from craft POPSICLE STICKS! Cool, huh?

Supplies needed: Popsicle sticks, hand drill, chalk or pencil to trace out pattern, xacto knife, sandpaper to prevent slivers, paint and jewlery chain. 

I am trying out a new stream lined version on my tutorials because I often don't post projects because the task of typing out an elaborate step by step is overwhelming somedays. So let me know if you have any questions. Please let me know if you end up creating your own natical alphabet name necklace!

Winter Denim & Brown Boots

The nerve of me, right? Unapologetically publishing a blog post after months of being unaccountable for this little slice of the Internet I call home...that's kinda starting to be my thang. Anywhooo. Recently I invented the Canadian Ballgown which is a denim dress over a denim top. I know! I know! (Please refrain from bursting my bubble if this is already a thing. Ok?) This dress is just perfect for remixing outfits because of the cut and fabric. I am sure this dress will make an appearance many more times this year. Other than NOT blogging and wearing a ridiculous amount of denim my life in Wisconsin has been pretty low key but in a good way. I like low key after the last 4 whirl wind years of my life. I hereby proclaim 2014 to be the year of low key living. I have found the idea of low key has been transitioning into my wardrobe in that a lot of eclectic elements which used to drawn me in are turning me off.  Have you noticed a similar shift in fashion? I certainly have.

Outfit Details
Dress // Kohl's 
Chambray Top // Sears
Hat // No idea where this hat came from 
Scarf // Gifted 
Fleece Nylons // Shopko 
Boots // Charlotte Russe
Necklace // Aero

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fall Round Up

I thought it would be kinda fun to look back on the content I have posted in during last couple the past fall seasons. Looking back turned out to be so much fun that I decided to compile a few of my favorites. Honestly, reading through my own blog archives was inspiring and odd because I was so proud of the materials I have presented in the past. It was odd because it was surprising that this blog holds so many memories that I didn't even realize I was making last year or even two years ago. I am thankful for this social platform and I hope you enjoy this tiny trip down memory lane. 

1. Button ups & Boots // an outfit post // This post marks the start of my understanding of my own personal style. I always thought my style was a casual boho chick but when I would put those outfits together I always felt sloppy. It wasn't until last October that I started to realize that although I love the hippie style I am much more of a preppy dresser with unexpected elements such as a sheer skirt or an unexpected fringe boot mixed in.

2. Found Friday // a gorgeous find // Although I no longer write my weekly Found Friday series I knew I had to add this gorgeous cemetery print to my fall round up.

3. Cemeteries & Fringe // an outfit post // I included this post because most importantly I miss this lush mountain cemetery. Secondly I knew I should include because this outfit post was the first post I photographed and then  felt excited to publish. There is also a pretty sweet mushroom featured.
4. Warm Spiced Apple Milk // a recipe // This recipe is delicious and snuggly. I mean it. This apple milk will snuggle your Uggs off. Make it. Drink it. Come back later. Thank me.
5. RIP // lovely photographs // I wrote this post around Halloween two years ago to share my favorite photographs taken by a highs school friend. I hope you enjoy them.

6. Cowl Necks & Corduroy // an outfit post // This was a fun post because Sergio tagged along to play photographer. Also I mean the layers in this outfit are out of this blog world. I make myself proud.
7. Metallic Hair Branches // a DIY post //A super easy hair diy I posted last year.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Instant Replay #4 // Fall

Admittedly my instagram feed has been a broken record lately of pumpkins, leaves, boots and beads of dew on fallen leaf debris... but honestly can you blame me? I don't think so. As a result of being hidden away in the desert for the last four falls that I completely forgot how completely magical Northern Wisconsin can be during the fall. I have been so jazzed about Halloween this year that Sergio and I carved pumpkins on September 30th. I didn't even have the will power to wait until October! I have been enjoying this season so much I might even wait until after Thanksgiving to start celebrating Christmas...might. 
// A Friendly calf at the pumpkin patch // Rainy Fort Howard cemetery // Fallen cattails on the shore of the Bay // Halloween nail decals and my Mom's Iodine bottle // Gourds // Abandoned industrial buildings on Broadway // Flowy burgundy shirt and a pair of fancy oxfords // Another fall foot photo // A snap from Run or Dye 5K with my BFF Kate //

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Silver & Cement

I am an eclectic dresser at best and I believe that if I could major in layering I would have my PhD by now. (I tend to say that about a lot of things like; kittens, tamagotchi's, glitter and tetris but rarely painting which is kinda weird) Sometimes layering clothes works wonderfully as it did with this outfit and sometimes... Well, I just pat myself on the back and say "Good game but better luck tomorrow." I bought this dress from the clearance rack at Walmart (seriously!) for my cousin Molly's graduation. It is becoming a fast favorite. I have a lot of black dresses. If I had to guess I would say I am currently in the ball park of six or seven black frocks in my wardrobe. With all that said I have never had a dress that lent itself remixing so well. I love Walmart clothes. I am not kidding. Walmart is like thrifting clothes that no one else has ever lived in. Stop judging me. I lived 78 miles from the nearest Target. Any way, I felt killer in this outfit like a sassy used car dealership secretary from the 70's and any outfit that makes me feel that good is considered a win in my book. How about you, is there an item currently hanging in your closet that was purchased from a surprising store? I would love to hear about it!

Outfit Details
Dress // Walmart
Necklace // Thrifted
Shoes // Nordstroms Thrifted
Faux Lace Shirt // Target
Purse // Inherited From my Nana

Monday, June 3, 2013

DIY // Easy Ukulele Make Over

A couple years ago I was beyond obsessed with learning how to play a ukulele so my wonderful boyfriend surprised me with one for my 21st birthday. I adore it. I found out soon after receiving this musical instrument that I have absolutely no rhythm like strumming is the hardest thing ever. Don't even get me started on playing songs because when I am playing a simple song it doesn't sound like anything to me. All those musical set backs aside I really enjoy practicing chords and making up silly songs. Anyway, the uke Sergio gifted me had an airbrushed palm tree which although festive didn't suit my style very well. I got the green light that Sergio wouldn't be hurt if I altered my uke in anyway so I came up with a super easy way to make my pretty little lady even prettier more info after the jump.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

7 on Sunday #24

[1. link] I had this movie camping out in my instant que for like 3 months and I regret every month. This is hands down my new favorite comedy in my opinion it is on the same level of good as Little Miss Sunshine.
[2. link] I wouldn't mind being able to wear a plant around my neck.
[3. link] Bret, Unbroken is an article from the most recent Runner's World magazine that not only offers a new perspective on running  but introduced me with a new out look on life. It is a lengthy article but so worth the time. I highly suggest you read it in it's entirety. (if you have never clicked any of my 7 on Sunday links and never plan to at least look at this one)
[4. link] I love this WiscoKid Tee. The best part is a portion of every purchase goes to support the Boys and Girls club...Cool swag for a good cause. The website has a ton more Wi designs I reallly want one of each.
[5. link] This article about body image and fast fashion really resognated with me personally. I want cheap clothes but I also get so discouraged about the way clothing tends to fit my body.
[6. link] My BFFL (Hi, Kate!) lent me Sex God which is a book that explores the connection between sexuality and God but on a much deeper level just the physical act of sex. It is so interesting even if you are not religious it is worth it just consider a different take on human relationships.
[7. link] I just really want to visit American Gothic like yesterday.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Carter & Cash

I just need to confess that for some unknown reason I feel like June Carter Cash in this outfit... OK so she may have never dressed this casual but if she has been twenty something in 2013 I am willing to bet she would have rocked an outfit like this. I need to confess one more embarrassing thing, when ever I talk about Mrs. Johnny Cash I almost always first imagine Reese Witherspoon's portrayal of June. I guess what I am getting at is I feel like Reese Witherspoon playing June Carter Cash when I wear this get up. Other than pretending I am movie married to Joaquin Phoenix playing Johnny Cash my life has been all sorts of crazy lately. Since my birthday three months ago I have travelled to Moab, Portland, Vancouver and most wonderfully Green Bay. On top of that in two short weeks I am going to visit Justin and Maria in Oregon... THEN I AM MOVING HOME! (As in I am leaving the state Utah and moving to the place that makes me feel most incredible WISCONSIN) When I travel I miss the surprise of whipping up an unexpected outfit since I have carefully planned every single detail a week in advanced. This outfit is a result of finally having the chance to wear an unplanned outfit and a testament to my love of bargain shopping. I say this out loud so often I might as well blog that I am so happy I bought these boots ( seen here, here and here ) at the end of last summer for only 16 bucks. I have never worn a pair of shoes so much that the soles are are starting to fall off of! I feel the same way about this jean jacket and to be honest I was super hesitant a jean jacket might read a little 'white trash' instead of preppy but so far I have successfully avoided any trashy mishaps.

Outfit Details
Jean Jacket // Old Navy
Black Tank // h&m
Ring // Ti Pan (clearance bin 75 cents)
Bracelet // 5 year Anniversary Gift from Sergio
Heart Necklace // Borrowed from my Mom
Dress worn as a skirt // Kohl's
Black Leggings // Free (as in not one dollar spent) JcPenny
Boots // Ross

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Beautiful Tunes

I mentioned that I have been painting sooo much more lately which feels incredible. Aside from the glorious feeling of actually painting the second best part of making art for me is listening to my record collection constantly. I listen to music on the same record player I grew up watching my parents use. A lot of the music I am drawn to today is heavily influenced by the music my parents listened to on it. My record collection is sort of all over the place because I have my Grandpa, Mom and Dad's individual record collections in addition to the pieces I have acquired on my own. I wanted to share the four records that I have had constantly spinning lately. Can you tell which records are mine and which records come from my parents collections?
[Top Left : Not Without a Fight] [Top Right : Our Endless Numbered Days
[Bottom Left : View From The Ground ] [ Bottom Right : Uh-Huh]

Sunday, April 28, 2013

7 on Sunday #23

[1. link] Kmart has a sense of humor who knew?
[2. link] I have been shopping around for a dress to wear to my cousin's graduation ceremony I am either getting this colorful number or....
[3. link] I might buy this adorable dove dress BUT I can't decide. I am having a hard time because her school is pretty classy and I just don't want to look like a hillbilly compared to preppy/country club chic parents who will also be in attendance.
[4. link] My Utah church just released a pretty neat video library with a ton of resources. I think it is a really great idea.
[5. link] I have seen some pretty intricate hair styles lately floating around on Pinterest but this one is da bomb.
[6. link] I just found out about ShopKick a few days ago and I am in heaven because I get rewards for walking into stores I already shop at.
[7. link] This is a two for the price of one deal! I have seen the Dove Beauty Sketches floating around on the Internet and I highly recommend watching it. I showed it to the most beautiful woman I know, my mom, and she thought it was really interesting also. I am being vague on purpose because in my opinion the less you know about the video the more exciting the concept will seem. The second Dove link is the Self-Esteem Kit which is a free resource created with the intention of creating an open and honest discussion about body image with young women. I believe Dove is going beyond corporate marketing and really changing the way women feel about themselves.

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