Sunday, June 2, 2013

7 on Sunday #24

[1. link] I had this movie camping out in my instant que for like 3 months and I regret every month. This is hands down my new favorite comedy in my opinion it is on the same level of good as Little Miss Sunshine.
[2. link] I wouldn't mind being able to wear a plant around my neck.
[3. link] Bret, Unbroken is an article from the most recent Runner's World magazine that not only offers a new perspective on running  but introduced me with a new out look on life. It is a lengthy article but so worth the time. I highly suggest you read it in it's entirety. (if you have never clicked any of my 7 on Sunday links and never plan to at least look at this one)
[4. link] I love this WiscoKid Tee. The best part is a portion of every purchase goes to support the Boys and Girls club...Cool swag for a good cause. The website has a ton more Wi designs I reallly want one of each.
[5. link] This article about body image and fast fashion really resognated with me personally. I want cheap clothes but I also get so discouraged about the way clothing tends to fit my body.
[6. link] My BFFL (Hi, Kate!) lent me Sex God which is a book that explores the connection between sexuality and God but on a much deeper level just the physical act of sex. It is so interesting even if you are not religious it is worth it just consider a different take on human relationships.
[7. link] I just really want to visit American Gothic like yesterday.

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