Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Carter & Cash

I just need to confess that for some unknown reason I feel like June Carter Cash in this outfit... OK so she may have never dressed this casual but if she has been twenty something in 2013 I am willing to bet she would have rocked an outfit like this. I need to confess one more embarrassing thing, when ever I talk about Mrs. Johnny Cash I almost always first imagine Reese Witherspoon's portrayal of June. I guess what I am getting at is I feel like Reese Witherspoon playing June Carter Cash when I wear this get up. Other than pretending I am movie married to Joaquin Phoenix playing Johnny Cash my life has been all sorts of crazy lately. Since my birthday three months ago I have travelled to Moab, Portland, Vancouver and most wonderfully Green Bay. On top of that in two short weeks I am going to visit Justin and Maria in Oregon... THEN I AM MOVING HOME! (As in I am leaving the state Utah and moving to the place that makes me feel most incredible WISCONSIN) When I travel I miss the surprise of whipping up an unexpected outfit since I have carefully planned every single detail a week in advanced. This outfit is a result of finally having the chance to wear an unplanned outfit and a testament to my love of bargain shopping. I say this out loud so often I might as well blog that I am so happy I bought these boots ( seen here, here and here ) at the end of last summer for only 16 bucks. I have never worn a pair of shoes so much that the soles are are starting to fall off of! I feel the same way about this jean jacket and to be honest I was super hesitant a jean jacket might read a little 'white trash' instead of preppy but so far I have successfully avoided any trashy mishaps.

Outfit Details
Jean Jacket // Old Navy
Black Tank // h&m
Ring // Ti Pan (clearance bin 75 cents)
Bracelet // 5 year Anniversary Gift from Sergio
Heart Necklace // Borrowed from my Mom
Dress worn as a skirt // Kohl's
Black Leggings // Free (as in not one dollar spent) JcPenny
Boots // Ross

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