Thursday, October 4, 2012

Button ups & boots

I have been forcing Sergio to spend every single second possible in the Logan canyon. I just can't even describe how at home I feel surround by all the changing leaves. Utah really lacks fall and I miss Wisconsin so much this time of year. Sigh. Last week when we took these photos Sergio and I spotted a beaver swimming and saw a snake catch a fish wiggle out of the water. I also recently saw a gorgeous fox running through a farm Field yesterday on my way to work... I didn't even know Fox's lived in Utah. I love this time of year. Fall brings out the desire for me to dress super casual yet classic which means I have been LIVING in these riding boots. When I wear these boots I feel like I live in rustic Maine rather that rural Utah. Also, every blogger needs a white button up. Scratch that. Every person needs a white button up, in my opinion. I feel so fabulous in them. To prove my love of white button ups let me share a quick story; once a upon a time I was a tiny young high school senior getting my senior photos taken. I wore one outfit... are you ready for the outfit details? A white button up, a brown Cami and jean... that is it. no shoes. no fancy stuff. Wait, I think I wore jewelry.

Outfit details
Top // TJmaxx
Scarf // Old Navy
Cords // Vanilla Star via Tjmaxx
Socks // Smartwool gifted to me
Riding boots // Chinese Laundry via Ross
Bracelet // Green Bay farmers market

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