Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Warm Spiced Apple Milk // A Recipe

My mom recently bought this fun cook book which features a warm spiced milk recipe. I know, warm spiced milk sounds weird but scrumptious right? Well, I wasn't really into all of the ingredients the recipe called for so I made my own version featuring mainly Wood Orchard products. Wood Orchard is some place I admittedly have never been, weird, but my favorite person in the world, Molly, works there and supplies me with lots of Wood Orchard goodies. This recipe is a creamy, Fall, coffee shop like drink that yields about 3 or 4 mugs.

The ingredients are Cinnamon Apple Syrup, Whole Cloves, Milk, Mexican Cinnamon, Apple Butter and patience.

I suggest using the apple butter from Wood Orchard because it tastes just like I homemade it myself. Not that I ever have homemade apple butter but I've tasted apple butter made by someone else and it was gooood. You can order some here.

One of the main differences between my version of the spiced milk and the Gooseberry Patch version is the use of Cinnamon Apple syrup over the recommended maple syrup which I find to be too sweet.
Lets be serious, Mexican cinnamon is a silly thing to call real cinnamon bark but Sergio buys it in the Hispanic foods isle and the label on the spice package reads Mexican cinnamon soooo...

and by heat on low I do mean to heat it on the stove in a pan. NOT your mothers prized Pyrex set that her mother used to cook from. I do not want to be blamed for THAT. You've been warned. I just didn't photograph the milk on the stove because I am a blogger and the stove photos turned out ugly. Stop judging me! Heating on low was the hardest part for me because I like to blast things on high but just be patient and whisk occasionally until the milk gets a tiny boil action. Fish out the cloves. Pour into a mug and bliss out on heavenly fall flavored milk. yo.

I promise it tastes amazing. The photos don't do it justice mainly because like I have mentioned a million times my camera is not functioning properly so I apologize for the poor photo quality.

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