Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Paisley & Gravestones

It has been awhile since I had any time to spend in the cemetery, that is most likely because I took this semester off of school which means I no longer live with in walking distance. Sergio and I got an unexpected day off of work so I requested that we head to the cemetery immediately. Not really. I did ask but I wasn't dramatic. Of course Sergio said he would go to the cemetery with me because he is the best Sergio also said yes to taking a few photos for me because I can't take my own anymore as a result of my digital cameras all being very busted. It is sort of fun to take pictures with my point and shoot because it has no view finder and the back screen is shattered. I never know what photo will turn out and what photo will be a flop. I get a lot of flops but not always. In these photos I am hanging out around my favorite part of the cemetery which is a beautiful family plot owned by the Miller's surrounded by a gorgeous 14 inch wrought iron fence. It has the most charm out of the whole cemetery... in my humble opinion.  I always spend the most time on the benches there. I don't  know if that is disrespectful but I don't believe I am being disrespectful because the benches are not grave markers but rather normal park benches. I like to think that at least one of the Millers appreciates that I am sitting with them. Any one know about cemetery bench etiquette? Maybe I should look it up. Other than that.... this is on average how I look while I am dialing at work. Pretty snappy hey? I know. Also, don't judge me for wearing jeans on a day other than Friday.
 Outfit Details 
Boots // Chinese Laundry via Ross 
Jeans // Levi's 
Polka Dot Tank // Kohls 
Corduroy Paisley Blazer // Auntie Cath's closet 
Necklace // My Mom from when she was young 
Purse // Bay fest vendor purchase


  1. That last picture is so great! and impressive since you don't have a screen.


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