Friday, September 21, 2012

Here I Glow

Today I am going to be running my first ever 5k! I couldn't be more excited to cross this resolution of my list. The run is a 'glow in the dark' night run. Plus the proceeds go to help children who have hearing disabilities afford hearing aids. The cause is close to my heart because my mom has struggled with her hearing my entire life, and most of hers as well. My mom recently got a device to help her hear better she is a little bashful about the device so I won't give away to many details. I am excited that my mom thinks this is a good cause. I am a little I am bummed that she won't be able to attend but she has jetted home to attend my sweet niece's baptism. full disclosure : I am really excited and VERY NERVOUS. I can do the miles that is no sweat, well actually I sweat a lot. I am nervous about running with so many other people around. ACK! I made a little collage of  items I've purchasing for the glow 5k or thought about purchasing in the past week.

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