Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Beautiful Tunes

I mentioned that I have been painting sooo much more lately which feels incredible. Aside from the glorious feeling of actually painting the second best part of making art for me is listening to my record collection constantly. I listen to music on the same record player I grew up watching my parents use. A lot of the music I am drawn to today is heavily influenced by the music my parents listened to on it. My record collection is sort of all over the place because I have my Grandpa, Mom and Dad's individual record collections in addition to the pieces I have acquired on my own. I wanted to share the four records that I have had constantly spinning lately. Can you tell which records are mine and which records come from my parents collections?
[Top Left : Not Without a Fight] [Top Right : Our Endless Numbered Days
[Bottom Left : View From The Ground ] [ Bottom Right : Uh-Huh]

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