Sunday, April 28, 2013

7 on Sunday #23

[1. link] Kmart has a sense of humor who knew?
[2. link] I have been shopping around for a dress to wear to my cousin's graduation ceremony I am either getting this colorful number or....
[3. link] I might buy this adorable dove dress BUT I can't decide. I am having a hard time because her school is pretty classy and I just don't want to look like a hillbilly compared to preppy/country club chic parents who will also be in attendance.
[4. link] My Utah church just released a pretty neat video library with a ton of resources. I think it is a really great idea.
[5. link] I have seen some pretty intricate hair styles lately floating around on Pinterest but this one is da bomb.
[6. link] I just found out about ShopKick a few days ago and I am in heaven because I get rewards for walking into stores I already shop at.
[7. link] This is a two for the price of one deal! I have seen the Dove Beauty Sketches floating around on the Internet and I highly recommend watching it. I showed it to the most beautiful woman I know, my mom, and she thought it was really interesting also. I am being vague on purpose because in my opinion the less you know about the video the more exciting the concept will seem. The second Dove link is the Self-Esteem Kit which is a free resource created with the intention of creating an open and honest discussion about body image with young women. I believe Dove is going beyond corporate marketing and really changing the way women feel about themselves.

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