Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Things have been quite around here for an amazing reason..... The reason that I haven't had time to blog is because I have been painting again. (!!!) I woke up one day recently and asked myself "Is this [painting] what you want to do with your life?" To which I rhetorically shouted "YES" (in all caps obviously) back to myself.  I couldn't stop thinking over the next couple day "If all I want is to be a painter then why am I not painting as much as humanly possible?" and since then I have been painting every possible chance I get. I sketch compositions before bed and have started see inspiration every where. Painting is amazing. I have been trying to discover what my painting style is as well as trying to discover what it is that I do with paint really well. I am going to be honest I don't know what makes a painter great I just know that the only time I truly feel like the person I was meant to be is when I am holding a pallet knife loaded with oil paint. 

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