Sunday, April 21, 2013

7 on Sunday #22

[1. link] I think this Parks & Rec coloring book from Etsy is really funny and something I would totally love to be gifted.
[2. link] CAT bag! enough said. 
[3. link] I really adore this shirt and For some weird reason my brain thinks this tee would be perfect for long road trips. I really do love the PNW. 
[4. link] Perhaps my favorite thing to include in a Seven on Sunday post ever would be the Happier App. It is a breath of fresh air in today's toxic social networking society. Check out the web site for more info. 
[5. link] An NPR road map that lists what station you can find NPR on through out the entire United States. I love that is an actual paper map and not an app which is way more convenient on a road trip. I might be purchasing this item very soon. 
[6. link] Please check out Better World Books as soon as you can!!! It has cheap recycled books and free shipping. When I say cheap I mean like 3.99 for popular novels. This website will be getting a lot of my pay check.
[7. link] I have wanted a PBS t-shirt since my days of watching Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood and I just found out that I can purchase the shirt of my dreams directly from the PBS website. EKK!

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