Friday, March 22, 2013

Shear Floral & Spring Rain

My mom and I have an issue with clothing in that we prefer a roomy fit. for example if I am shopping for clothing and a large fits well but up is available up to a size XXXL I will either leave with a XL or XXL. I do this for a variety of reasons but mainly for those times when I feel bloated my closet full of apparel still fits comfortably. I also noticed when I size up my clothes tend to last longer because the item can't shrink smaller than my size. My mom is the same way and practically prefers that her clothes hardly even touch her body. I am not picking on her by any means partly because I am the same way. Saying that I like my clothes to fit loosely is an understatement, I don't pay attention to jean size I just usually buy the pair that I can pull on over my thighs with out unzipping. Although I am a big believer in sizing up I should admit it is not always a wonderful idea. My mom bought this shirt and of course opted to buy a size bigger than she felt she needed but didn't notice that the next bigger size had considerably longer length. I've been told that the first time she wore the shirt a few of her friends commented that it's length may not  have been a good pairing with her dress slacks. those comments naturally led to her giving me the shirt which happens all the time and I love it. I mean my mom is one stylish lady and happened to pass on her good taste to me. If you can't tell we are BFFL. I ain't ashamed. Moral of the story is to never let your mother donate any clothes before you have had a chance to wear it.
Outfit Details 
Top worn as tunic // Ross
Leggings // Walmart 
Boots // Ross 
Belt // Modcloth
Necklace // Charlotte Russe

P.s. These photos were taken on the first day of spring during a rain storm! It has already RAINED during Spring in this desert! How glorious.


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