Friday, March 22, 2013


I like my birthday as much as almost as much I like Christmas except I start my yearly Christmas countdown in August yet I tend to put off my birthday countdown until the last day of February. I have a tradition that is a tad silly and self centered but done in the spirit of good fun... I celebrate my birthday week! As in for  seven whole days I make every effort to inform nearly everyone I meet that it is in fact my birthday week and to excuse any abnormal self indulgence. I had a wonderful birthday and birthday week. Here a few photos of my Birthday adventure. 

My birthday celebration started promptly at midnight when Sergio gave me his wonderful gifts of the first season of Parks and Rec and super surprised me with my very own Ipod touch. I was so excited we face timed each other before I went to sleep! Then my dad took me out for a super early breakfast to celebrate our birthdays (My dad's birthday is the day after mine) at Denny's. I am sure I consumed over my daily calorie limit during the first meal of my day but it was a delicious start to my adventure. Nothing says happy birthday to your own tummy than a strawberry shake at 6:30 in the morning. My dad was a good sport and did not even bat an eye at the bedhead I was sporting out in public because it was of course my birthday. I napped for an hour once I returned home. Then I slowly got ready for my fabulous day. Sergio and I headed out to SLC for an afternoon of delight. First we stopped at the Leonardo which is a new museum in downtown Salt Lake. After about 3 hours in the museum we headed down to a cemetery in hopes of finding this headstone but alas I was not able to locate the cemetery directory to find where she was located. I wish I had thought to do that the night before because all the offices were already closed by the time we arrived. After about an hour of hunting we decided to give up and headed to the mall in hopes of purchasing a Cheesecake factory cheese cake for me but I decided I would rather eat the homemade ice cream cake waiting for me at home. We travelled home and I opened my presents, read my cards and blew out my multicolored birthday candles with Sergio and my mom! I also talked to my oldest brother for a long time then headed to bed around midnight. It was such a good day!

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