Friday, March 29, 2013

DIY // Ticket Stub Art

Here is a confession: I hoard paper. It is honestly an issue. I mean it. There are all these little scraps of paper I have be hanging onto for some reason since before middle school. A lot of these little pieces of  paper tend to be tickets for every. single. concert. or. museum. or. play. I. have. EVER. been. to. The superfluous punctuation in the last sentence was meant to add drama. I hope you whipped out your internal Morgan Freeman voice to read it. I decided to gather up all my ticket stubs and make something visually appealing. This is a really easy, simple take on all of the neat concert ticket displays I've seen floating all over Pinterest. The project could also be used as a white board but I am not really into that trend but go banana's if that is your thang. Instructions after the jump.

Get all your tickets from concerts, zoos, museums, trains, planes and plays together in one place. Then fetch a picture frame in any style or size that is available or buy one what ever works best for you. Just don't steal one. I can't condone that even for the sake of DIY.

I had a lot of tickets. I mean like 15 years of my life worth of tickets. Depending on how many you are working with overlap them as much as your heart desires.

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