Monday, June 3, 2013

DIY // Easy Ukulele Make Over

A couple years ago I was beyond obsessed with learning how to play a ukulele so my wonderful boyfriend surprised me with one for my 21st birthday. I adore it. I found out soon after receiving this musical instrument that I have absolutely no rhythm like strumming is the hardest thing ever. Don't even get me started on playing songs because when I am playing a simple song it doesn't sound like anything to me. All those musical set backs aside I really enjoy practicing chords and making up silly songs. Anyway, the uke Sergio gifted me had an airbrushed palm tree which although festive didn't suit my style very well. I got the green light that Sergio wouldn't be hurt if I altered my uke in anyway so I came up with a super easy way to make my pretty little lady even prettier more info after the jump.

All right I am actually really excited about this idea... I bought a pretty cheap laptop decal at walmart for around three bucks and then just cut the decal to fit. It is so obvious that it took me three years to think of a solution to cover up that old air brushed palm tree.
After I applied the decal I used a soft nail buffer to make the edges of the sticker dull to prevent the decal from digging into my skin. Other that this really is the easiest project ever! The best part is that most laptop decals are removable so if you aren't thrilled with the result you can just peel the sticker off. 

If you decided to make your own version of this project please don't hesitate to let me know how it turns out.


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  2. Cute! You are the Beyonce of thrifty!


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