Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Silver & Cement

I am an eclectic dresser at best and I believe that if I could major in layering I would have my PhD by now. (I tend to say that about a lot of things like; kittens, tamagotchi's, glitter and tetris but rarely painting which is kinda weird) Sometimes layering clothes works wonderfully as it did with this outfit and sometimes... Well, I just pat myself on the back and say "Good game but better luck tomorrow." I bought this dress from the clearance rack at Walmart (seriously!) for my cousin Molly's graduation. It is becoming a fast favorite. I have a lot of black dresses. If I had to guess I would say I am currently in the ball park of six or seven black frocks in my wardrobe. With all that said I have never had a dress that lent itself remixing so well. I love Walmart clothes. I am not kidding. Walmart is like thrifting clothes that no one else has ever lived in. Stop judging me. I lived 78 miles from the nearest Target. Any way, I felt killer in this outfit like a sassy used car dealership secretary from the 70's and any outfit that makes me feel that good is considered a win in my book. How about you, is there an item currently hanging in your closet that was purchased from a surprising store? I would love to hear about it!

Outfit Details
Dress // Walmart
Necklace // Thrifted
Shoes // Nordstroms Thrifted
Faux Lace Shirt // Target
Purse // Inherited From my Nana

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