Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Instant Replay #4 // Fall

Admittedly my instagram feed has been a broken record lately of pumpkins, leaves, boots and beads of dew on fallen leaf debris... but honestly can you blame me? I don't think so. As a result of being hidden away in the desert for the last four falls that I completely forgot how completely magical Northern Wisconsin can be during the fall. I have been so jazzed about Halloween this year that Sergio and I carved pumpkins on September 30th. I didn't even have the will power to wait until October! I have been enjoying this season so much I might even wait until after Thanksgiving to start celebrating Christmas...might. 
// A Friendly calf at the pumpkin patch // Rainy Fort Howard cemetery // Fallen cattails on the shore of the Bay // Halloween nail decals and my Mom's Iodine bottle // Gourds // Abandoned industrial buildings on Broadway // Flowy burgundy shirt and a pair of fancy oxfords // Another fall foot photo // A snap from Run or Dye 5K with my BFF Kate //

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