Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fall Round Up

I thought it would be kinda fun to look back on the content I have posted in during last couple the past fall seasons. Looking back turned out to be so much fun that I decided to compile a few of my favorites. Honestly, reading through my own blog archives was inspiring and odd because I was so proud of the materials I have presented in the past. It was odd because it was surprising that this blog holds so many memories that I didn't even realize I was making last year or even two years ago. I am thankful for this social platform and I hope you enjoy this tiny trip down memory lane. 

1. Button ups & Boots // an outfit post // This post marks the start of my understanding of my own personal style. I always thought my style was a casual boho chick but when I would put those outfits together I always felt sloppy. It wasn't until last October that I started to realize that although I love the hippie style I am much more of a preppy dresser with unexpected elements such as a sheer skirt or an unexpected fringe boot mixed in.

2. Found Friday // a gorgeous find // Although I no longer write my weekly Found Friday series I knew I had to add this gorgeous cemetery print to my fall round up.

3. Cemeteries & Fringe // an outfit post // I included this post because most importantly I miss this lush mountain cemetery. Secondly I knew I should include because this outfit post was the first post I photographed and then  felt excited to publish. There is also a pretty sweet mushroom featured.
4. Warm Spiced Apple Milk // a recipe // This recipe is delicious and snuggly. I mean it. This apple milk will snuggle your Uggs off. Make it. Drink it. Come back later. Thank me.
5. RIP // lovely photographs // I wrote this post around Halloween two years ago to share my favorite photographs taken by a highs school friend. I hope you enjoy them.

6. Cowl Necks & Corduroy // an outfit post // This was a fun post because Sergio tagged along to play photographer. Also I mean the layers in this outfit are out of this blog world. I make myself proud.
7. Metallic Hair Branches // a DIY post //A super easy hair diy I posted last year.

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