Thursday, October 27, 2011


It's no secret I love cemeteries, I get it from my Momma. I'd rather walk through a cemetery than thrift or paint. So as I was trying to plan some 'spooky' posts for this week I decided I would share two photographs I stole from a friend over 5 years ago. His family is from Alabama, a state I've never been too, and while he was there he took some photos in the cemetery. I love these images! I saw them and told him I was going to take them. I don't think he believed me but I tucked the photos into my purse and have treasured them ever since. It's not as apparent in the scanned versions of the photos as it is in person but many of the headstones feature a stylised skull with wings on either side an iconic spooky staple that I have yet to see in person. I don't hang out with Dan, the photographer, anymore but every year around Halloween I think about him and these lovely images.

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