Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I choose to wear this outfit last Monday when Sergio and I had every intention of hiking into the Logan canyon and having a magical little 4 year anniversary photo shoot. So we walked to the ranger station and found out that walking trail we wanted to explore needed to be accessed by another canyon and it was a 20 mile round trip hike...not really what we had in mind. We wound up doing what any sensable 20-something couple would do... had an adventure in the cemetary. Back to  my oufit: sometime when I am dressing for intended activities I wonder would my favorite blogger wear to hike or do real life non-blogging things? For some reason my default 'doing stuff' outfit is a pair of jeggings, a super loose top and my fringe boots... not too stylish or photogenic but very functional. I need to learn how to blend style and function into my outfits like Tieka does. If you have any suggestions let a home girl know please! I am lost lately as to what I should wear. It seems like lately I either look way fabulous or frumpy and I either feel fabulous or way frumpy.
Outfit Details
Plaid shirt // Unknown Gifted from aunt
Long sleeve shirt // So... Gifted from my Nana
Jeans // Wallflower 5 dollars from Shopko
Boots // Minnetonka

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