Tuesday, October 25, 2011

4 years

As of  9 pm last night I have spent 4 wonderful years, 1460 thrilling days, 35040 lovely hours and 2102400 perfect minutes dating Sergio Luis Reyes. I have felt so lucky and bless for every second of the last 4 years, all 126144000 seconds of our relationship. I found someone who accepts and appreciates every complicated attribute of my personality. Sergio won me over with his eloquent writing and kept me with his kind nature and poetic heart. In 4 years we've been through a lot. He has stood beside me as I grew from an innocent young lady into a defiant sometimes jaded young lady and patiently waited for me to blossom into the strong, independent and sometimes sassy woman I like to think I am today. We've been through literal and figurative Tsunamis during the last couple years which drew us closed and forced us to slowly treaded water until the storms passed. Sergio is my rock. He has been my support through deaths, trauma, disappointment, mistakes and the relocation of my family. I love many things about Sergio but one of my favorites is that he knows who he is inside where it counts. I think it says a lot of his character than in 4 years the things that originally attracted me to him have not changed or dulled. He still has an addictive enthusiasm for the little things in life, an old soul, adventures spirit and the kindest eyes I've ever gazed into. Its amazing for me to contemplate how much I really adore Sergio. I've never loved a single human being more or with more of my soul than I love Sergio. Happy 4 years and a day Anniversary Sergio. I am crazy about you.
 I love our love and I am thankful for the opportunity that has been given

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