Friday, October 28, 2011

Pepperoni Power

Have I mentioned yet that I love the cemetery that is on my campus?! When ever Sergio and I are in the mood for a little adventure we frolic around and search for a new gem such as the oldest birth date, unusual saying or impressive carving. On this particular occasion I was  pretty bummed to find out that the maintenance crew had mowed and mulched all the gorgeous leaves. Dang it!  In other news as Sergio and I where walking back to our dorm rooms we over heard a little boy getting out of school scream 'Pepperoni Power!' we both thought it was hilarious.
p.s. Notice my fab bouffantesque bun? Its actually just my bedhead pinned strategically around my head.
Outfit Details
Boots // Nana's old boots
Nylons // Joe Boxer Sweater Tights from Kmart
Skirt // Old Navy Clearance for .95 cents
Sweater // Unknown brand from Ross
Turtleneck // Tjmaxx
Ring // My brother found at his work


  1. great outfit! and what an old navy steal - 95 cents?!

  2. I LOVE THAT SKIRT. So jealous. You're adorable.


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