Sunday, January 13, 2013

DIY // Metallic Hair Branches

It's been awhile since I've taken the time to plan and photograph a DIY and today that crafty drought has ended! A couple years ago Urban Outfitters sold a set of bobby pins that looked like branches. Since then I had been wanting to make a few hair accessories that were made from actual branches. While I waited for a load of laundry to dry I managed to finally make said hair branch accessories. I love that I saw something that captivated me in a store two years ago then let the idea fester in my mind until voila! I created something just as elegant, dainty and beautiful as the original item but with a personalized narrative. (Excuse me while I wax poetically about D.I.Y. Projects)

For this project I used Bobby pins, branches, gold paint, an Xacto knife, hot glue and about twenty minutes of free time.

Self explanatory. I do have two tips though. First tip: Glue the branches to the flat side of the bobby pin. Second tip: I propped the bobby pins on the side of a match box so I didn't burn/melt off my own my finger prints while applying hot glue. If a match box is not on hand a small piece of cardboard could also be used.
Please do not remove your fingers or skin... just don't.
I told you this was a quick project. I mean here we are at the end. Still not convinced? Here is the Spark notes version sans photos: Collect some branches. Glue those branches to bobby pins. Paint those branches now attached to bobby pins Golden. Wear those golden branches in your hair. Be fabulous.
Disclaimer : please use fallen tree branches. Please do not pull any branches from a living tree or plant...ever because that is just not cool.


  1. These are so beautiful! A great DIY.

  2. This is fantastic! I'm glad you're bogging again Ms. Thang! xoxo


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