Sunday, January 20, 2013

7 on Sunday // Freaks and Geeks

This past week my life changed... I re-watched Freaks and Geeks on Netflix for the first time since it was on air in 2000. Then I was only 11 years old and had not realized my undying love for Nick Andopolis or my admiration for Linsey Weir's massive balls. Well over the course of three days I watched 18 episodes of the most amazing show in TV history. I always knew I loved this show but I had no idea how much. SRSLY! If we are close friends and you haven't watched every episode of this TV show within the last three year we just became less close. This show is honestly part of who I am now which is super cheesy but completely true. I decided to revive the 7 on Sunday Series by compiling a Freaks and Geeks themed list. If I missed any links you are aware of or think I should check out please forward me those links!
1. This Sam Weir shirt is magical.
2. A visual representation of one of my personal favorite  moments of the show.
3. This is the only thing I am putting on my birthday list.
4. This fan site made me feel like it was 2000 and Freaks and Geeks was still on Air.
5. "You cut me off mid-funk."... don't get it? Then watch this.
6. I almost jumped out of my pants when I saw the title of this Vanity Fair article.
7. IMBD trivia has some good stuff listed but the fourth fact from the bottom and the last fact are my favorite things found on the Internet since my obsession began... five days ago.

[Bonus link this Freaks and Geeks drinking game made me laugh and think one could get pretty wasted playing this game]

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  1. i recently revisited freaks and geeks on netflix too! had no idea it could be even better than i remember watching it the first time, but it was, tenfold.


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