Thursday, January 24, 2013

DIY // Geode Ring

I have had this geode since I was eight years old from a family vacation to the Dakota's. Ever since I that trip I have been nothing short of obsessed with rocks. I believe that trip sparked my interest because every souvenir shop I went into was over flowing with geologic gems. literally. I am not  kidding when I say I am obsessed with rocks. I have countless plastic containers filled with rocks I have found in various states and countries. I know and could share the story behind each and every  rock with anyone who would listen. I love rocks so much that at the age of 21 I asked for and received a rock tumbler for Christmas. Silliness aside I've had this rock propped up on the window sill of three different houses over the years acting as a sun catcher and I figured it was time for this pretty pink rock to get a new job.  I've intended to make into something even more beautiful for awhile and the other day I decided to finally do just that. Instructions after the jump.

I used the following supplies : Gold Metallic craft paint, paint brush, an adjustable craft ring, geode, glue. Although I have Tacky Glue pictured in here I actually used the glue that came with my rock tumbler made for adhering stones to metal.

I wanted the ring to be a little bit more elaborate than just a rock glued to a ring. I toyed with the idea of gold foiling the rough outside but because of all the nooks and crannies I decided to play it safe and paint the edge with a small brush.

Self explanatory but the hardest step in my opinion because I get so excited.
I wiped the smooth surface of the geode with a rag. I also scrapped the surface with the edge of my nail to ensure no gold paint was left on the top. Lastly I Windexed the top of the rock to make it look extra shiny.

Again self explanatory but also one of my least favorite parts. I am not very patient.
I love this project because I know I will wear with ring ALL THE TIME. I've always been into the eclectic boho mixture of organic elements such as rock set against harsh [looking] metal. I hope you will enjoy this project also!

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