Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cowl Necks & Corduroy

I love layers. I love fitting as many details into one outfit as possible. I also love this detailed and layered outfit. I was on the fence about the pairing of a chunky knit sweater with a chunky corduroy skirt, looking back I think that those two items balanced each other out well. Putting this look together was a little tricky because I had to manage the the task of dealing with sooooo many layers and proportions. You can be honest this outfit doesn't look too difficult to pull together does it? Thanks, that's what I was going for but in actuality while I was getting ready I kinda felt like Mrs. Potato Head putting on one piece taking off another... So I am gonna break down the layers. First I have a long sleeve tee layers under a Sweater then I tucked the sweater into a corduroy skirt. Under the skirt I have a pair of wine color nylons layered under an adorable pair of buttoned knee socks. Lastly I have the fringe of my boots tucked inside as to not over complicate the boot/sock/nylon relationship.Yeah... I obviously rock at collages  because this outfit feels like a collage of apparel. Also I should mention that I love wearing my fringe boots, seen here, with the fringe tucked in because it makes it seem like I have two pair of boots for the price one!
After Sergio took these photos for me we both went to the School Library to enjoy our pick of seating [because the building is practically deserted on a Friday afternoon] and we scored a comfy booth like seat on the third floor with a magnificent view of the rain clouds moving over the mountains. I was hoping for a snow storm, I know I know I am just impatient for Christmas, but I got rain showers instead. Later I made hot cocoa, caught up on some TV on Hulu while feeling all cuddly and quaint. 

 Outfit Details 
Sweater // Tjmaxx 
Leg Sleeve Tee // Style Exchange 
corduroy bubble skirt // Old Navy (94 cents!)
Tights // Gift From Sarah 
Button Socks // 6 years ago Kohl's 
Boots// Minnetonka


  1. Okay, I know this is an older post, but I love this outfit too much not to leave a comment. Um, how cute are you?! Those tights are fantastic. I really need to place an order with We Love Colors, but I keep putting it off...


  2. You are so gorgeous! I miss you so much! I love this post!

  3. You have gorgeous hair! I love the outfit!


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