Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Old Hollywood Glamour

This is one of those outfits that I throw on when I don't want to use my brain, which is exactly why I wore it last weekend. I think the outfit seems kinda tired because I've been wearing the same boots + jewelry routine since last Monday. I think its because A) I wear more and more red the closer and closer it gets to Christmas. You've been warned. B) because I have been wearing my red wellies everyday.  I've owned this dress since my junior year of high school and it is more than likely my favorite holiday staple because of the classic houndstooth pattern and thick/sturdy material. I've never worn it with a long sleeve white tee underneath and I must admit I am not that impressed with the pairing. Lesson learned.
I love this theatre building so much, I tried to do some research online about this particular cinema and came up empty handed for the most part. Although, I did learn it closed down around 1985 which is really too bad because it's a gorgeous building. I would love to see the inside someday.
Outfit Details 
Houndstooth Jumper // H&M (5 years old)
Top // Found on ground in parking lot (don't judge) 
Boots // Office
Nylons // Kohl's 
Bakelite bracelet // Thrifted 
Square bracelet // Claire's (50 cents)


  1. That theater looks like something from a movie. I love the fact that the area looks so dead. Nice rain boots, too!

  2. Your outfit is beautiful and your new blog design is to die for. Much love sweet pea <3

  3. Rebecca - I died of laughter over ' the area looks so dead' because that is pretty much the town I moved to and I couldn't agree more!

    Sarah - Thank you! I've been working out ideas for awhile and laying in bed this last week I had a light bulb moment and reworked this ol' place for a couple hours!


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