Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Winter Denim & Brown Boots

The nerve of me, right? Unapologetically publishing a blog post after months of being unaccountable for this little slice of the Internet I call home...that's kinda starting to be my thang. Anywhooo. Recently I invented the Canadian Ballgown which is a denim dress over a denim top. I know! I know! (Please refrain from bursting my bubble if this is already a thing. Ok?) This dress is just perfect for remixing outfits because of the cut and fabric. I am sure this dress will make an appearance many more times this year. Other than NOT blogging and wearing a ridiculous amount of denim my life in Wisconsin has been pretty low key but in a good way. I like low key after the last 4 whirl wind years of my life. I hereby proclaim 2014 to be the year of low key living. I have found the idea of low key has been transitioning into my wardrobe in that a lot of eclectic elements which used to drawn me in are turning me off.  Have you noticed a similar shift in fashion? I certainly have.

Outfit Details
Dress // Kohl's 
Chambray Top // Sears
Hat // No idea where this hat came from 
Scarf // Gifted 
Fleece Nylons // Shopko 
Boots // Charlotte Russe
Necklace // Aero

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