Sunday, January 1, 2012

So This Is The New Year...

 This was the longest and shortest year of my life. 2011 was an amazing adventure which  lead me to  Yellowstone National Park 6 times, Shake hands with Bright Eyes front man Conor Oberst in Portland, Fighting for my life off the coast of Oregon, Standing among the Red Wood’s for the first time in California, Turning 22 in Medford, celebrating Christmas in Northern Wisconsin, Attending a second Bright Eyes concert for free at Pioneer Park in Salt Lake City, and living next on campus among other countless memories that I never thought I would experience. I am thankful to still be alive and well enough to enjoy the first moments of 2012. I contemplated doing a month by month recap of ‘11 (because they seem to be so popular in the blog world) but then I realized a couple months where a bit blue and I didn’t want to worry or upset any readers.

Again, I am just thankful to be alive and able to enjoy  everything that 2012 has to offer. 

I would how ever like to recap the most popular posts from 201l the Wisconsin coin purse I made // a 7 on sunday post from March // One of my first outfit posts // This Anthro inspired necklace diy and lastly the leggings turned turban post from this summer.
Some of my favorite blog posts from 2011 include My first outfit post Magazines & rainboots // My favorite cemetery photos RIP // One of my most favorite books I read this past yearWhat I've Read True Grit // A sweet rummage sale find for 40 cents // The cutest catscan ever // A few photos from Portland, Park City and SLC Utah Arts festival // Itouch case makeover // My own paint your love post // My favorite find in history // and the entire Oh, Shoot Series //
Thank you for reading and all the support I've gotten over the past year. Happy New Year Y'all!

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