Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 : Year of the skirt

Year of the skirt

Year of the skirt by eloquent featuring a polka dot skirt

Skirts : all the style of a dress with the versatility of pants. 

 Last year I made a resolution to wear more dresses. Now I wear more dresses. Last year I felt uninspired by my wardrobe and part of me still feels uninspired by my wardrobe. So many dresses. Very Limited ways to style them with the other items I currently own. Do you see where I am going? No? OK keep reading...

I like the idea of  dresses but I don't like how I often feel stuck while trying to style the same 10 dresses over and over again. That was the case until I recently, with out realizing it, unearthed the perfection that is...skirts! Oh the places you will go with skirts.

I am over dresses, as in dresses are old but good news, but I am definitely going to be acquiring as many skirts as possible this year. Need more convincing?  Well...

The Pro's of skirts fill in the Con's of dresses and by that I mean... Yeah wearing dresses is fun but don't you miss wearing turtle necks or your favorite tee? I did. Till I discovered I could pair both items with a beloved and magical skirt. 

I am so looking forward to what the rest of the Year of Skirts has to offer me!  

p.s. Hey girls Hey! Sorry, I am not sorry that I've been away cause I spent most of my absence in Wisconsin... but the ol' blog should be back to consistent posting now.


  1. wow! I feel exactly the same way! I actually did the same thing last year and now have TONS of dresses (and love most of them which is good!) but lately I have totally not been in the "mood" to wear a dress and have decided I need to build my skirt collection this year (I think I only have like 3!).

    good luck to you! I love all of these you posted!

  2. My biggest issue is finding a skirt style that fits me correctly; this year I got a sewing machine for Christmas so hopefully when I find the most flattering style I can make a million for max versatility!


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