Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wanderlust : SLC Yarn Bombing

As I mentioned here, I attended the Utah Arts Festival for the first time last Friday and had a really enjoyable time. While I was at the art festival I spotted my first "yarn bombings" and I of course totally craft geeked out on Sergio, who played along nicely! I was honestly tickeled to come to the realization that Utah, mostly SLC, is hip enought to have heard of yarn bombing... I don't know why the idea had not occured to me sooner.  Some of my favorite yarn bombings I noticed all over the festival grounds included the sea weed and coral garden made by children, the mini, crotchet high tops in various colors  hanging from the street lights, crocheted ballon holders and lastly the delicate 'tree skirt' thing which can be found in the very last picture. I wish I was skilled enough at knitting or crocheting to even have the ability to make something and just hang it in a tree. I think its important to note that a lot of people have issues with yarn bombing because they feel that instead of knitting to create urban installations artists should be knitting blankets for the homeless or other good deeds but I think yarn bombing is beyond inspiring. Yarn bombing is the craft blogger new graffiti, ha.

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  1. You look absolutely beautiful! (Just like I remember) Hoping to see your freckled face soon... miss you :]


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