Sunday, June 26, 2011

7 on Sunday

Hi party people! I should admit that this week was a rough one for me. I have a lot of blogging planned but not a lot of motivation to do it - my most daunting entry would have to be the grand blog memorial I am planning to write for Oliver which may seem silly but I really feel my Olie deserves at least that much. I have had surprisingly high spirits this weekend and an enjoyable Sunday. I hope each and everyone one of you are cherishing and enjoying your own summer to the fullest.

1. Eat More Cheese Lino Print

How could the Wisconsin native in me not love this print?! only 5 dollars how I wish I owned this... Link.

2. Forever21 & World Wild Life Fund line of shirts
I know I am going to purchase one, or at least keep telling myself I am, but I can't decide between the elephant, giraffe or the large cats. I really like how F21's blog, The Skinny, Styled each shirt in ways I would never even thought of. Purchase link.

3. The 2011 Twilight Concert Series
I hate on Utah a lot because it's no Wisconsin, read most of the time it's not a happening place to live, but I take it all back since I discovered the Twilight Concert Series! The Twilight Concert's are a FREE Thursday night concert series through out the summer with LEGIT bands... as in on August 11th I will be seeing Bright Eyes for free in Salt Lake City. Which will bring my Conor Oberst concert tally to 5 times. EEK! The 2011 line up and more info for the concerts can be found here.

4. Knitta Please
Need I say more? Imagine the Batmobile all knitted!? There is no doubt I love yarn bombing but for some reason I never sought out KP's website till I finally watch this Thread Banger webispode. Also the Knitta Please's website is totally rockin. Knitta, PLEASE check it out! Link.

5. The Utah Arts Festival
Friday afternoon my family and I went to the Utah Arts Festival for the first time since moving to 'Utahollar' and it was such an enjoyable experience. I saw yarn bombing for the first time, visited a part of SLC I have never been to before and listened to the musical stylings of Sarah Sample while eating a frozen cheesecake on a stick. I am going to volunteer to help at the event next year and I want to participate in the 2012 Art Attack 5k not only because it has a cute name but I am determined to participate in a 5k and what better cause to run for than art?! Link.

6. Homemade sympathy cards for Oliver's passing 
Friend's of my family, have to young daughters and they made us sympathy cards over Oliver's passing that are so darling. We have two cards but I just wanted to show you the front of one card because later this week I will be sharing the front and the back of each card. I can honestly say that these cards brought me a lot of joy when I was feeling a lot of sadness. My mom has them hanging on our fridge.

7. Swimming! 
My skin is so sore from being in the pool for so long the last couple days... but it's worth it!The pool water has been around 85 and by the time I get done swimming at night the water feels so much warmer than the air. My only issue is how chapped my face is from the water and Utah's famous high winds. P.s. isn't the above photo charming?! I took this photo in my pool when I first moved in with my wonderful underwater film camera and the above photo is my favorite I've taken with the camera so far.

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