Monday, June 27, 2011

What I've Read // The Road

This past week I finished reading a book I started 3 years ago... I am not usually one to begin then abruptly stop reading a novel. I think the reason I never finished the book was because I needed to read the book in able to participate in a class that I didn't enjoy at all. So The Road sat on my bookshelf in Wisconsin, later it travelled to Utah and found its way upon my bookshelf. Finally after three years of looking at the unfinished novel I decided that I was finally up for the challenge to conquer McCarthy's anonymous grey world and all of it's anonymous inhabitants.
I wanted to mention that I had a new experience while reading The Road, a piece of work in which the main characters identity is never revealed. I found not knowing the identities enhanced my reading experience because with each situation I was able to relate the actions of each character to people from within my own life. Anonymity. That is the one word I would use to sum up this novel.
I am happy I finished The Road but I had greater hopes. The Road is like a critically acclaimed indie film that you are really excited to see but after you have had the opportunity to view the film you just feel let down and depressed. I guess what I am saying is The Road is an art read, meaning it's not feel good novel but rather a gritty and confrontational look into the human condition.

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