Monday, June 27, 2011

40 Cents

Two Saturdays ago I volunteered to help out a rummage sale where I scored two of the most amazing and stylish prescription glasses for only... twenty cents! That's right I paid a dime for a pair of vintage cat eye glasses with original rhinestones intact! If you can't tell by the ending punctuation of the previous sentences I am very excited! The second I am employed again I am bring my new rhinestones beauties into an optometrist to get none prescription lens put in. I also purchased a tiny doily, seen in the first and third photo, that I am planning on making a headband out of for a dime. I also got a wild pair of black glitter platform for free, 2 books, and a 1973 Better Homes & Gardens Christmas craft book for a dime. In all I spent 40 cents and made a killing at the Civics Team rummage sale. I love rummaging in the summer...


  1. wow 40cent? thats amazing!! they're really lovely!

  2. Awesome glasses! What a steal.



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