Thursday, June 2, 2011

Easy Embroidered Coin Purse // DIY

Hello friends, Ali here with another DIY project... and this one is beyond easy! The whole project with air drying took me about two hours and all the supplies I had on hand so the cost of the project wound up being totally FREE!
For the project I used a coin purse that hasn't been used once in the four years I've owned it, a cross stitch kit from the dolla tree, my trusty transfer pencil and a reversed image of Wisconsin. I, obviously, had to remove the elephant patch from the coin purse before beginning but that step wasn't critical to this tutorial so I skipped it...
The trick to the transfer pencil, which can be purchased at Hobby Lobby, is pressing hard while marking the outline so that the entire shape of the state shows up after ironing.
This step is really self explanatory, try not to embroider the two sides of the coin purse together which I did roughly 10 times. If you don't have any back ground in cross stitching or embroidery I will help you out by informing you that for this project you will use two pieces of thread from a single "braid" of embroidery floss. If your confused about the previous statement I suggest you google the basics of embroidery as I am not a needle craft expert so I really shouldn't be instructing newbies on the subject.
 And you are done! What did I say?! This project is supa easy! I hope you make your own state shape embroidered coin purse and leave me a link to your project in the comment section below.
I hope you enjoyed the second DIY of the Eloquent Sticks & Stones blogging history! I am going to strive to post roughly four projects a month with an ultimate goal of one project per week when possible. The task has my creative gears turning around in le brain of mine for more ideas. I hope you stay tuned for more project DIYs!

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