Thursday, May 26, 2011

Itouch Case Makeover // DIY

Hello! I've had this idea bouncing around in my brain for a couple months now and last Saturday I just decided to go a head and try it! I waited a couple days to post the tutorial because I wanted to see if the fabric would fall off and it hasn't! The first photo was actually taken five days after I originally attached it to the case. I am sure other people have revamped their hand held electronics but I am proud to say I did not base this project on anything I've seen on the Internet the inspiration came from my own noodle and the fact that I hated the hand-me-down case from my boyfriend. Here goes my first tutorial...
The fabric I used was from a skirt I got like Five Christmas's ago from my brother - I didn't like how the patterns looked together which is why I've been using it to supply materials for my craft projects.  I wound up using two pieces of fabric sewn together, if you are thinking of doing the same just know that the seam does complicate things a bit when adhering the fabric to the case and attempting to fit the electronic into the case once this project is complete. You've been warned. I also used some random buttons and an iron on patch.
This photo shows more than 1/4 inch, it was just a wild estimate so I would advise you just to use your better judgement. The way I went about conducting this project was to pretend I was wrapping a really oddly shaped present - I am not sure if that will help you at all but that's the mentality I went with.
Once You've cut the fabric out, as mentioned above, iron the material and attach your embellishments keeping in mind that if you use buttons or patches that are too big they may get caught on your pocket or getting tangled into your hair. (Just sayin') I added the tiny yellow button near the bottom of the case for grip just in case the fabric wound up making my Itouch slipperier than I was accustom too, which it didn't, but I am glad I put the button there because it looks so dang cute!
I am not sure if the above step is absolutely necessary but I did it for safe measure. In fact I always do this step when attaching something to a solid surface. I think its because I am aware that you have to rough up a wall before you apply wallpaper which stays on walls for a long time so I've always assumed it must help adhesive last longer - none of this is critical to the tutorial I was just sharin'
I did the gluing in three parts. First part was the flat back of the case and then I applied the fabric from the middle outward. I then applied tacky glue to the outer edges and smoothed the fabric down and  let the glue dry before I applied glue to the inside of the curved edge of the case and slowly smoothed the zig-zagged edges of the fabric inside the case. I waited an hour till the glue dried stiff and used an Xacto knife to cut fabric out of the volume section of the Casemate and any excess fabric preventing my itouch from fitting correctly in the case.
Voila! A shabby-chic-upcycled-fabric-covered itouch case made just by you! If my project inspired you to do something of the same nature please comment below and link me to your project thanks! Also let me know what you think of my first real DIY post! I have so many more DIY's planned for the summer so stay tuned!


  1. This is so cute! Also, your photos look phenomenal!

  2. Thanks! I got a tiny Dolica tripod for my point and shoot and it's really brought the cameras photo quality to a whole new level I am so glad you noticed! Ali


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