Thursday, July 7, 2011

Turban from old leggings // DIY

I actually made this at the beginning of June but had some concerns about sharing this DIY because basically I copied a hundred other turban DIY out on the internet but instead of using 2 jersey knit head bands I used a pair of ripped leggings. Also I learned a lot more shooting my DIY pictures (read :  I discorved that it might help to actually make the project first and then duplicate it and photograph the second attempt but honestly I will keep jumping head first into projects for the rest of my life. DEAL WITH IT!) So its gotten to  the point that I felt I had to share this project to prove to myself that although I am disappointed with the results it isn't the train wreck my brain seems to think it is. Is it Bleeders?! No I didn't REALLY think so...
Admit it you had no idea what was happening at the end right? Me either! I am planning on re-doing this DIY with a pair of jeggings that wore out in the knee to practice giving clearer directions and making sure I get appropriate photos for each step. P.s. This is my first post I have written wrote in Draft and it feels so fancy!


  1. What an awesome DIY! Also, thanks so much for the tip about doing my nails :)


  2. What a cute little button you are! (Also, I noticed your button icon at the top <3)

  3. This is so CUTE! I want to make this!! I'm really glad you shared it. And I think the pictures are great.

  4. thanks for letting me know that two of my books were the same ~ i can't believe i didn't realise! any suggestions for a replacement?? x


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