Sunday, July 17, 2011

7 on Sunday

Hello! I decided a couple weeks ago that I wanted to experiment with a new format for my 7 on Sunday posts because I really enjoy writing each entry but I haven't been pleased with how all the different sized images look on the blog. So after a long brain storm I decided to make a numbered collage! I really like how this one turned out though it took a lot longer than usual to get this post ready as I was messing around with text and images for ever on gimp.

1. I spotted this pressed penny bracelet on the Dollar Store Crafts blog and I died! Well, ok not really... but I got really excited and flailed my hands around me, something I do when excited, then exclaimed "Omgosh why didn't I ever think of that?" but to be honest I did 2 years ago in my metal smithing class using the drill I thought I should make pressed penny earrings but nooooooooo I didn't do it and I didn't blog about it either. Also the photo is adorable and I want all of it to be mine but it belongs to Val.

2. Eek! This is soooo cool! My friend Sarah, my blogging soul mate, passed a long a link to me that turned out to be an Iphone cases that you can cross stitch. Another why didn't I think of that moment happened what I finally registered what I was looking at and  I seriously think this  is one of the more exciting ideas I've seen floating out on the interwebs lately. I most love that you can change the pattern repeatedly! Check the cases out here.

3. FRECKLE FACE! I found this image on Tumblr awhile ago and I love it so much but unfortunately I can't find the original source. Typical tumblr issues. The freckle faced beauty in this image is so stunning and has envious lashes going on! If you know who owns this image you should let me know!

4. I really really love this necklace from Anthro but I am sure I could make it for like 2 bucks...

5. apparently after 22 years all my wildest dreams are coming true: being a cat lady is stylish, Ariel is a hipster and glitter shoes are in vogue! This lovely pair is from Lulus and I wantttttttttttttt them!

6. stamps. made. from. bottle. caps. and. puffy. paint. enough. said. link.

7. As usual I was on etsy awhile ago searching through the results for 'Wisconsin' when I found this really rad print! I am planning on buying it for my brother and his girlfriend for Christmas as he is a botanist and obsessed with girly stuff (read: super hardcore about flowers) Link.


  1. I love the 7 on Sunday idea!! What cool projects...making me feel creative. I have coin purse pattern I'm trying out this week but having some issues with my sewing machine so we'll see how THAT goes...:)

  2. Thanks the 7 on sunday posts are one of my favorite posts to put together! Good luck with your coing purse I'll have my fingers crossed for you!


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