Saturday, September 17, 2011

Magazines & Rainboots

 Today I was reading magazines at Hastings when I noticed an adorable young lady of maybe seven or eight admiring my swoon worthy rain boots, I am not shy about my stylish wellies, and when I lowered the copy of Artful Blogging magazine (that I was dissecting) to turn the page I noticed the little girls eyes swell with disbelief.... seconds later I see her hurry over to her father to tug on his shirt and inform him that "the girl over there is wearing an Ariel shirt!" BEST COMPLIMENT EVER. Why? Well, cause that little lady had the most perfect timing possible! I mentioned before that I was sitting in a bookstore reading the autumn issue of Artful Blogging in particular Kelli Murray's contribution (check out some excerpts on Murray's blog here) I was engulfed with Murray's outfit photos and fashion illustrations as a result I was feeling a bit self conscious about the abnormally casual outfit I was rockin' right about the time I noticed I was being admired by the adorable girl. Then it hit me... I would rather impress a child then impress a hundred semi-pretensions hipsters. At my core I am a child, not that I am immature but I feel that I am capable of enjoying the simple and pure things in life that seems like 'adults' tend to lose touch with as they gain more and more responsibilities. Thank you little lady for helping me realize that it's not about how stylishly I am dressed but rather about if I am dressing to impress my true self and feeling confident in my own skin.  So I decided to capture today's outfit and record todays enlighting experience. Enjoy!
Outfit details :
Disney Couture Little Mermaid Tee // Kohl's 
Denim Mudd Skinny jeans // Kohl's Clearance 
Nutty Knee Wellies // Office Shoes (bought in Dublin)


  1. This is adorable. The outfit, the photos, the story, everything.
    You look great!

  2. Thank you I felt great when I wrote the post!
    xo Ali


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