Sunday, September 18, 2011

7 on Sunday

I know, as I mentioned earlier, that I've been really quite around here lately it's because I've been readjusting to life in the dorms, which is as fun as I remembered, while getting back into the swing of school. All in all college is exhausting so at the end of the day I haven't had any energy to blog or even think about reading my blog reader (as of Friday I have over 500 posts to read..CRAZY) So Eloquent Sticks and Stones is back in business I've been thinking about trying out fashion blogging for the next 2 months and seeing how I like it, although I've always desired to be a craft centered life style blog, I just think it would be a new avenue to try for awhile! What do y'all think?!  Let me know and as always have a fantastic Sunday!

1. I am not sure how I didn't find this jem on the Internet till a couple days ago but its so much fun to make yourself into a Scott Pilgrim character. Avatar link.
2. I love love love this embroidery pattern I think it would be super cute on the back of a khaki green blazer and owls are gonna be trendy for like the next 10 hundred years in the blog world I am sure. Pattern link.
3. I've used this site for a couple years now but I always lose the link so I figured when I found the library card generator I should share it on the blog so I would never lose it again. Generator link.
4. It is no secret that I love mini vans and online generators... Well this is a beautiful marriage of both of those things. Generator link.
5. I love mason jars. I've written poems about, drawn, photographed, decorated with, and even given mason jars as as gifts. Naturally when I saw this Wilco poster on facebook last week I squealed. I want to get this poster and hang it over my bed forever.
6. I am itching to start working on my 55 days of Christmas crafts ( I am gonna start planning this coming week!) and I love this pine cone candle holder I spotted on Dollar Store Crafts. I'd personally use some different materials but I love the idea. DIY link.
7. I don't have a phone with Internet connection and I don't have an Itouch with a camera (so no instagram for but I do have a laptop with a web cam and I've found a site that is a lot of  fun and allows you to play around with web cam photos! Try it right now at this link!

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