Sunday, July 22, 2012

Oh, Shoot! #5

It's been so long since I took the time to do an Oh, Shoot! post which is really inexcusable since I am sure I perfect a different camera manipulation almost once a week. I should get back on top of this series. (would you like that?) I recently mentioned that I broke the camera that I got just last summer and the camera that takes ALL my blog photos (don't ever buy a point and shoot with a touch screen AND no view finder... because when that screen breaks... I can't even describe how upset you will be) and since it has been rendered basically useless I've felt a lot freer to take bigger risks with my broken camera... like figuring out a way to take underwater photos! I know that sounds scary but it isn't at all! No joke. I've done it about 3 times now and have figured out the basics for making an underwater housing for it but everyday I've been tweaking the design a little bit. There happen to be a few more ideas I want to try to improve the photo quality before I share how to make a fool proof DIY underwater digital camera. Until then I thought I would share some test photos from the last couple days. I should warn you 90% of the time I am the only person in the pool so 90% of these photos are just of me. More images after the jump.

I swear I am like the dad from Big Fish because I can't get enough time in the water.

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