Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ivory & Calico

.... I tend to obsess over articles of clothing.... like this skirt that I bought because it would match everything I own. Or at least I thought. In the dressing room the purchase made so much sense because
A) it was brown
B) it was floral
C) it was a maxi skirt 
Well I've worn it three maybe four times in the year I've owned it and for a brown, floral article of clothing in my possession that is not a lot. We seemed like the perfect match but we, the skirt and I, weren't seeing I to eye. Every top I imagined pairing it with in the store did not work at home if the color matched the cut was all wrong and if it was the cut was right the pattern would never in a million years go. I sat down and had a heart to heart with this uncooperative pile of frustration and figured out the problem is
A) The calico is blue, pink and a weird purple 
B) I don't like blue, pink and weird purple 
C) the it's super sheer
As stated above I don't like blue and pink, Although I went through a pink phase in high school it was very embarrassing.To make this very, very, very short story a long. Finally I happened to connect the problem skirt with my favorite cotton tank which has darting, pleats and sweet embroidered panel. I felt like Stevie Nicks minus the top hat. This pairing will be in rotation a lot this summer. 

p.s. These photos are kinda weird because EVERY SINGLE digital camera in this house is broken, so I gotta shoot the cameras on what ever the last setting was, I am still trying to figure it all out until I have enough funds to buy a new one. WAH. 


Outfit Details 
Skirt // Tj Maxx
fringe sandals // Minnetonka
Embroidered top // H&M
Cami // Kohl's
Various jewelery // Inherited from my Auntie


  1. You are wonderful, little Miss Wanderlust Calico!

    1. awww shucks sarah! You too sweet! :)


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