Friday, July 6, 2012

Wanderlust : Waterfall Canyon

On the first official day of Summer my dad wanted to hike Waterfall Canyon, which was kinda of a joke because the last time my parents attempted this hike they wound up taking the wrong trail...for four hours. So we woke up early and headed down to Ogden to get out nature hike on, and yes we did get a little lost, thanks to my Mom's insistence it was to the trail to the right when it was the complete opposite trail. I wasn't too nervous because I planned a head and had printed out a map of the trail the night before.... a few bike trails later we miraculously met up with the right trail half way up the mountain. The hike was long but GORGEOUS, from now on WHEN EVER people come to visit me or my family in Utah I am forcing them to do this hike (warning : it's intense but so very worth it ) More pictures of the adventure after the jump.


I was super impressed with my bodies performance on this hike. I can totally fell and notice the improvement in my physical fitness I've made just by jogging and eating properly. This hike was a breeze for me compared to the Wind Cave Hike Incident of 2010, which I am surprised Sergio is still dating me after... I had never been so hot/tired/crabby in all my days as that hike which in comparison is a much easier trail than the Waterfall Canyon. It felt really good to be able to appreciate nature without feeling like at any moment I would pass out. Small fitness goals/achievements really motivate me to keep training.


This It is kinda of silly that my favorite day of summer so far happens to be the very first day of summer. Its not going to be the last hike of the year but it was such a good one to kick off the season with. In fact tomorrow Sergio and I are attempting the wind cave hike again (see reference above) to cross off number 3 on our list

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