Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Happy Fourth of July my fellow Americans! I firmly believe the Fourth of July is one of those a party holidays - I mean its so low key. There are no gifts to be bought, festivities are held outside, everyone dresses up in red, white and blue while chilling out under the sun. Typically for me the  Fourth is a day for sleeping in, sunscreen/sunburns, eating ice cream, drinking lots 'n lots of water, swimming in lots 'n lots of water, reading, large sunglasses and not even considering getting out of my suit until around 7 o'clock when we head down to the fireworks. But unfortunately this year I can't swim because of a high pH levels, the firework show we normally attend in Utah is cancelled andddddd I've been cleaning cabinets all day. Nothing says freedom like clean cabinets. That's a saying. 

Sergio and I are planning on cooking a meal together once he gets off work, running around under the sprinklers with the dogs, and playing card games until the moon is shining high in the sky then cracking some snappers, eating a couple Creamies and heading in the house to watch Independence Day. Sounds amazing to me.

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