Tuesday, July 3, 2012

DIY // Pendleton Inspired Shorts

I've been seeing DIY shorts ALL over Pinterest lately and since I have yet to learn how to even turn on my mothers sewing machine, let alone attach some thrifted fabric to the pockets of cut off shorts I decided to create my own version of hipster shorts (you know that totally what they are) I was inspired by the Pendleton brand when I planned out my pattern.... ya know just in case you happen to be wondering. Details after the jump.

This project is so easy I contemplated not posting it on the blog because it's nothing special. It's also was one of those projects that you get so wrapped up in I hardly didn't remember to photograph the steps, so sorry in advanced for being so very wordy and run-on-y. 
Step 1 : Find some pants you want to freshen up. Step 2 : Use a seam ripper to remove the company's embroidery from the back pocket. Step 3: Once you have removed the embroidery the denim beneath may a darker color, this will be more likely if the pants are older or have a fading, use a damp Mr. Clean Magic Eraser  to fade the fabric uniformly. Trust me it works way better than sandpaper...Step 4: Let dry Step 5: Draw desired pattern on pockets with chalk or a chalk pencil. Step 6: Paint the Main color first. Step 7: Let Dry. Step 8 : Paint remaining accent colors. Step 9: Let dry. Step 10 : Wear and Enjoy. 

Let me know if you make a pair, I can link your project to the post! 

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