Monday, July 23, 2012

For the love of books : A dream look

To some people summer means tanning, fairs, beaches or road trips but to me summer means months of an unquenchable desire to read as much as possible. I read until I fall asleep and think about each novel every minute of every day until the very last word on the very last page has been read. Its a bit of an obsession but I enjoy it so much I desired to put together a sort of dream outfit inspired by my summer love affairs with books. I have every intention of acquiring each piece of this look minus the basket as I already own a picnic basket other than that I am seriously in love with everything!

1. The sweetest tee from Out of Print Clothing
2. These fabulous Nancy Drew Kindle cases have me completely smitten.
3. Just the sweetest little detail a pencil ring!
4. A National Park thermos isn't necessarily needed for a day of reading but it is so darn charming.
5. I can see myself filling this basket with wayyy too many library books instead of food and maybe an adventurous grey kitten. :)
6. Does this necklace remind anyone else of Dickon's fox from The Secret Garden? ME TOO!
7. Imagine spreading this Glacier National Park blanket beneath a dreamy willow tree and reading until dusk. Sigh.
8. A skirt couldn't get sweeter or more wholesome than this polka dot beauty! I need it!
9. Saddle shoes. Saddle shoes. Saddle shoes. Does this item need a reason?
10. What bookish outfit is complete without a pair of faux readers? None that I am aware of plus this pair is sparkley.


  1. What an adorable mashup. I love this!

    1. I think its pretty adorable also thank you so much!


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