Friday, February 3, 2012

Casual Friday // part 2

Casual Friday

Casual Friday by eloquent featuring fair isle socks

A few Friday's ago I posted a silly little outfit and claimed it to be casual Friday attire which lead me to sit down and think about what 'casual' fashion means to me. Of course the above is a seasonal example of casual dressing but I came to realize two important things. First, to me plaid is synonymous with casual outfits. Secondly, I apparently think to be dressed casually it should appear as though I live in a cabin or Park City. Same thing right? (...a little Utah humor) 

I love the rustic style that tends to be prominent this time of year. The flannels, red and rust colored materials, knits and corduroy paired with great boots is quintessentially the perfect December to March wardrobe in my opinion. This is an issue for me as I don't naturally  gravitate to these sorts of separates while I shopping instead I am attracted to dainty sweaters, shear fabrics and earthy peasant tops but still trying to achieve the same lumberjack vibe. That just isn't gonna happen. 

I really want to work on my person style more this year and am very surprised to realize that a large part of me isn't satisfied with my winter wardrobe. So now 2012 is not only the year of the skirt but also the year of casual style. Who is with me?! 

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