Friday, January 20, 2012

Casual Friday

I am notoriously bad with casual dressing... I don't know how. I tend to dress in extremes. I am either wearing a dress/tights/cardigan or I am dressed in 'garbage; clothing, You know what I mean, the clothes you own that are  quick to put on but quickly diminish self confidence. I don't know how style myself in a way that reads easy/effortless/simple. I probably never will but I am ok with that. The fact of the matter is I am in college and I have early morning classes. I want to look nice but feel like I am in pajamas and that is where this outfit comes in. it should be illegal to wear an outfit as comfortable as this one. I noticed that these photos don't read as 'unbelieveably comfortable' but it is. My base layer is a slip dress that came under another frock paired with my favorite (and only) buffalo plaid flannel top. I normally would not knot a top but it's a tunic length so I had to create a waist some how. I threw on a pair of thick black stockings and layered a pair of fishnets. I feel soooo snuggly. I spent the day drinking cocoa out of my favorite mug, laying on the couch reading my kindle, shuffling around in my slippers and checking in on my blog reader.Happy Friday afternoon and have a great weekend! 

Outfit Details
Top // American Eagle 
Slip dress // Charlotte Russe 
Nylons // Walmart 
Fishnets // Shopko

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