Tuesday, January 24, 2012


My Mom bought me a bike and my Dad bought me a Kindle for Christmas! (Thanks Daddy!) Receiving my kindle had to be one of the biggest Christmas surprises, it was so unexpected because I helped my dad pick out a kindle for my Mom I never dreamed I would also get an E-reader! 
Now I would like to address those of you who are shaking your head because I have 'forsaken the printed word.' First of all I would like to proclaim that I will never stop reading bound books, I actually received a book set for Christmas! Secondly dear book lover, how excited would you be to get FREE books? pretty stoked right? Well with an e-reader you can get free books. LOVE THAT. Lastly in my defense I should mention that I  live in a location with a poor library system, the library in my current town has all the classic literature located within the children's section. Walden is not a children's book! I feel weird having to check out books from adolescent section as the rest of the library is nothing but LDS fiction. I am not Mormon and I don't mind those books but I would rather not read fiction focusing on those religious values. So don't hate on me - I just wanna read! Wah. 
So far I've only read Little Women, The Christmas Carol and I am currently in the middle of Little Men.I highly recommend all three books. Anyone else have any books to recommend? If you couldn't tell I love my Kindle.

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