Wednesday, January 11, 2012

White Wall Tires

Meet my new best friend and a new face around Eloquent Sticks & Stones... my cruiser! I think Santa and my Nana got together and gave me this gorgeous bike for Christmas. This bicycle has truly been driving me nuts for months! I saw this Huffy last summer at, of all places, Walmart shopping for dorm stuffs. Love at first sight! Then curiously around the week I moved into my dorm I was no longer allowed to go into the storage area of our basement. Which means I've been living in the same house as this lil beaut'... it was so hard for me not to peek and make sure my parents purchased the correct color.....since August! Pure torture! Plus I had to wait until after my trip to Wisconsin to ride her. She is a mint green and ivory one speed with a luxurious cranberry faux leather seat. beeee.  I adore her white wall tires! (cause it's all rock and roll to me...) And lastly my beyond lovely Mom gifted me the farmers market basket (on the front) which features a quick release button so I can use it for a picnic or like the name suggests to shop at markets! I tell you its true love!

I haven't ridden my own bike since 6th or 7th grade, after my last growth spurt. My mom purposefully bought that bike too big for me with the intention of never having to buy another. When we brought that bicycle home my mom even said 'it's a little big so I won't ever have to buy you another one.' Sooooo... when I told her this past summer than I was hoping for a bike she said 'No, I told you in 6th grade - no more bikes.'  Ha. Jokes on her. Santa, or I think Nana cause she is sassy, got me the most perfect bike anyway. :)
p.s. I own two vintage schwin cruisers that are to die for but unfortunatly both have rusty bits and cost a pretty penny more than this bike even cost to fix. One day I will restore both which I hope won't make my bff jealous. I think she needs a name. Any suggestions?


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